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how to write Search engine optimized articles [SEO Articles]

search engine optimization is very important, which is the best way to increase your traffic getting it for long period of time. in this article we’re going to explain you in detail how to be able to write good Search engine articles.  Search engines instructions from the author.

Search engines don’t have their own brains, so in order to get a really good search engine ranking, you have to and must use CEO in your article.

Let’s start, you have to pay 100% attention to each and every point in each thing mentioned in this article. if you will miss any point estimation ranking will or can be affected.

1- Get the focus keyword:

Firstly to get the keyword you need to focus on something so for an example as a keyword. I am using the one that I am focusing on is ” search engine optimization “, let’s move into another step after picking your keyword

2- Post good title:

You need to have a good title that which include your focused keywords, like this example, you can’t expect any good research engine ranking without having a title that includes your keyword, for example, post title that you are reading here “search engine optimization” this title is SEO to be precise (search engine optimization).

Try to think from the mind of a reader or audience point of view, what will most of the audience think of when writing something in the search bar for Google, definitely something related to ” how to write search engine optimization articles “. so for this purpose, this is why we are using search engine optimization as a title for this article, this point is really important.

3- well let’s talk about what you have to not do :

well never use some misleading titles with the purpose of just bringing and attracting visitors to your website people keep this article names to engage visitors in a wrong way, well Google Facebook or any other social network hates clickbait. you always can be affected by search engines so never use misleading titles.

4- right use of headings :

the right use of headings is really important there is I believe 6 types of headings from H1 to H6, try to avoid using H1 and H2 in the content of your posts use only H1 and H2 in the title section, as we all know H1 is not a search engine friendly, and let us not forget to include your keyword in the heading title.

5- Article Meta Description :

in case you don’t know what a meta description is, here’s a picture to make you understand it more clearly :


meta desription


meta description is really important, you need to pay attention to your meta description, because it plays a really good role in search engine optimization,  if you will not use meta description, Google will take One automatically from your blog or your post but it is better for you to use your own words manually so that search engines can rank it higher higher.

important: you need to include your keyword in your meta description as a must if you are using WordPress well that can be easily done by the use of some plugins such as Yoast SEO plugin.

if you are not using Yoast SEO plugin then you can easily do it by editing your code :

< meta name = description ” content=”your description here”

important: Google does not show more than 157 letters.

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